NFC reader with WiFi

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Here's the board

What is NFC-WiFi?

It is a NFC reader with WiFi!
This project joins a NFC reader(PN532) to a WeMos D1 Mini to allow for WiFi access.
What can you do with this?

Getting started

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Initial setup

Opening Front Door

Where do I get one?

They are now for sale on my tindie: Get yours here

Hardware used

Pinout Notes

Led (APA102)

D1 Mini (WeMos 4M)


The enclosure is 1.8in x 1.85in x 0.8in(46mm x 47mm x 20mm) 3D printed with PETG so should hold up to outdoors to some extent however if it’s going to be outdoors you’ll want to seal up the hole where the USB connects.

There are also some diviots to ease in mounting via screws, or you can use double sided tape to attach it to a surface.

There is a lid that can slide off to allow you to remove the boards from inside. The hole is designed for the USB cable I send with board/enclosures when purchased but should fit most micro-USB cables.

Initial setup links

IFTTT webhooks Click Connect Then Click Documentation to get your key